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Welcome to the world of smart elevators based on smart technology that originated in India. The focal point of all technological development at ECE Elevators is the end-user. Safety, Reliability & Aesthetics are the foundations on which our elevators are built. As part of Birla Group, we take immense pride in being the most trusted and the best brand of elevators catering to requirements of all lifts ranging from Hospital Elevators, Residential Elevators, Commercial & Industrial Elevators, Office Elevators, and Automobile Elevators. From low rise to high rise lifts requirements, we are best suited to deliver customized and tailormade elevator solutions.

Our SMART ELEVATORS have advanced SMART self-diagnostic capability and it communicates on a real-time basis with the cloud for seamless remote monitoring and thus we get to know online the health of your elevator. The SMART ELEVATORS also enables touchless operations and a smart controller. You can also monitor all your elevators from a centralized location with our group elevator monitoring system and the users no longer need to press the button, they can use lifts through their phone – a truly touchless operation.

With our Pan India Presence, world-class service is part of our standard offerings. When you choose ECE Lifts, you choose a smart elevator experience made for India and in India. The Products and Technology based on Smart Features ECE Elevators is rated among the top 10 best elevator companies in India.


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We’ve been established as a family furnishers business for over 60 years. With a beautiful showroom in Kolkata, out friendly staff pride themselves in providing a high level of service.

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No matter what the requirement ECE Elevators caters to all segments and are designed with specific parameters needed by the industry. Old and restored buildings to the brand new technologically advanced structures. ECE Elevators covers the entire spectrum and provides thoughtfully designed and consumer friendly solutions.

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