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ECE – Gearless Offerings

The New Generation elevator

Comfort, convenience and efficiency are now moving to the next level, credit goes to PMSM Gearless machines.

Now be prepared to give your elevator riding experience an altogether new definition with the completely revived green sustainable elevator with PMSM Gearless machine.

Indigenous to India, the Primus in both Machine Room (MR) & Machine Room Less (MRL) version is all set to exhibit the qualities and flexibilities of Truly Indian feature.

Hotel Elevator


When it comes to safety, Primus is loaded with many unique security features which ensures safety of its passengers in the most effective and efficient way possible.


The state-of-the-art design offers its passengers the comfort of an altogether new level. Primus comes with features like gear-less machine, variable voltage variable frequency drive and close loop control, so make every ride an experience to cherish for lifetime.


Take lead with the winning edge. Be it reduced energy costs, sustainability or best-in-class efficiency, Primus have it all.


The trendiness, fashionable and modern quotient of Primus is at par with global standards. It delivers to your expectations in the best possible way.

Hotel Elevator
Hotel Elevator

ECE – Geared Offerings

Truly Indian

Versatile APTO with its new and improved features is a step ahead. Its unique design combines style with comfort and performance with efficiency, making it a technology that surpasses all expectations.

The versatile APTO is made in India exclusively for your stylish buildings and is the best value for money.

Hotel Elevator


Essential equipment requires industrial strength, local operational agility and experience. Being locally produced in India, APTO is precise to meet the challenging demands of your building. Its design allows positive integration with your building aesthetics. APTO’s versatility is exhibited by:

Wide range of designs
Optimized and most efficient shaft dimensions
Customization available to produce “To Suit” cars
Delivery lead time to meet your requirements

APTO ensures distinctive solution by offering new designs continuously.


Because your buildings deserve reliable systems, APTO is equipped with latest technology which helps provide reliable and easy to maintain solutions to your building uses.

An experienced, professional and trained team behind APTO ensures:

Best use of latest technologies
Adherence to the latest provisions of Indian standards
Process oriented maintenance systems

APTO enables a truly made in India product which is agile to the Indian environment and its reliability reemphasizes our commitment: We keep you moving ….always.


APTO is a synonym for “value for money”. This made in India equipment provides added comfort and enhances the style content of your building with the following enhanced features:

Low cost of ownership
Refreshing cab finishes
Reduced noise level
Reduced vibration levels

Hotel Elevator


Basic mission behind the designing of APTO was to provide adequate safety to passengers. APTO is loaded with many features which ensures passenger safety including:

Infrared door detection device
Floor detection system
Automatic rescue device

A six decade long safe work culture of ECE combined with domain expertise ensures a safe and reliable ride.
We keep you moving.. SAFETY ..always.