Customer Centric Approach

ECE is the first to provide all its new generation elevators with SMART advanced diagnostic capability with real-time monitoring.ECE Group Elevator Management (GEM) provides facilities managers with the much-needed centralised control and transparency of operations.

Smarter than you think. More convenient than you can imagine.

Technology At Center Of All Operations

The focal point of all technological development at ECE Elevators is the end user. Safety, Reliability & Aesthetics are the foundations on which our elevators are built.

SMART ELEVATOR No Touch Technology

A QR based technology in which the QR code is scanned to get access to elevator buttons on the mobile phone, this technology allows a person to operate the elevator by calling the elevator and choosing the destination level without physically touching anything within the elevator.


Our SMART ELEVATORS have advanced SMART self-diagnostic capability and it communicates on real time basis with the cloud and thus we get to know online the health of your elevator... The SMART ELEVATORS also enables touchless.