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ECE Residential Elevators – Redefining Vertical Mobility for Residences

October 5, 2023

Our Residential elevators are gradually becoming a symbol of modernity and convenience in urban and suburban homes. As India’s urban landscape continues to evolve with rapid urbanization, the demand for residential elevators is on the rise,

ECE Home elevators enhance accessibility and convenience, particularly for elderly individuals or those with mobility issues. The home lifts are designed for your Private Home, your Bungalow, Villa, Duplex Apartment, or Penthouse. It has a compact design given the utilization of space in the private residence. It has special facilities to meet the needs of elderly and handicapped persons, including wheelchair users. It has quiet, smart, jerk-free movement, and controls have ease of operation. In a country with a growing aging population, these elevators provide a safe and comfortable means of navigating multi-story residences, reducing the risk of accidents and falls. Moreover, the rise in nuclear families and dual-income households has led to a surge in the construction of multi-story homes, where residential elevators are increasingly seen as a practical investment. ECE home elevators add value to the property and offer a luxurious touch, making homes more attractive to potential buyers.

The Primus Mini range of home elevators has pleasing and modern aesthetics with side panels to compliment the architecture of your home. The Primus Mini range of elevators has framed Glass Doors as a standard.

The home elevator is available for up to 4 passenger capacity (272Kg) & speeds up to 0.4 MPS, travel height of 12 meters, and up to 4 stops. It is easy to use and maintain, embodying elegance and high-end technology. Our Residential elevators have become increasingly popular in modern homes, offering convenience, accessibility, and even a touch of luxury. These compact yet efficient vertical transportation systems have evolved significantly over the years, and they are now considered valuable additions to homes and apartments of various sizes and designs.

Benefits of Our Residential Elevators

The primary benefit of our residential elevators is improved accessibility. These elevators make multi-story homes more accommodating for individuals with mobility challenges, such as the elderly or disabled. They eliminate the need to navigate stairs, reducing the risk of accidents. and promoting independence. Additionally, they are a boon for homeowners who want to future-proof their properties, ensuring they can comfortably age in place

ECE elevator provides smart mobility solutions for all types of residential buildings, from low rise, midrise to high rise. The elevators are available in both Machine Room and Machine Room less platforms.

Advanced Technology at the Forefront

Our Primus range of passenger lifts is available from 5 Passenger (340Kg.) to 26 Passenger (1768 Kg.) capacity. The elevators are suitable for low and midrise buildings, up to the speed of 1,25 MPS.

Our Elita range of elevators caters to Midrise to high-rise buildings with speeds from 1.5 MPS to 2.5 MPS.

The Passenger elevators are Reliable, efficient, and elegant in design, and are energy efficient with Gearless Permanent Motor Synchronous Motors (PMSM) & energy efficient drives.

They are provided with AI & IoT-based smart controllers. The elevators have a Smart contactless calling feature and a GPS Panic Call feature. The elevators have smart advanced diagnostic capability for real-time monitoring and Group Elevator Management (GEM) technology. We also provide facility managers with much-needed centralized control and operational transparency.


All elevators are provided with safety features such as an Automatic Rescue Device for emergency rescue of passengers in case of power failure and an automatic reversal device for doors. The Fire-rated doors are standard in automatic door elevators. Residential elevators come in a variety of designs and styles to complement the aesthetics of any home. From traditional to modern, glass-walled to wood-paneled, these elevators can be customized to match the overall decor and architectural style of the house. This personalization allows homeowners to create a seamless integration of the elevator into their living spaces.

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