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ECE Passenger Elevators -Redefining Vertical Mobility for Commercial Buildings and Offices

October 26, 2023

Our commercial elevators play a pivotal role in modern infrastructure facilitating efficient vertical transportation within commercial buildings and making them accessible to people of all abilities.

One of the primary advantages of our commercial elevators is their ability to optimize space within multi-story structures. Unlike traditional staircases, elevators allow for the efficient utilization of every floor, maximizing rental and operational space in commercial properties. This increased space efficiency translates to enhanced profitability and convenience for building owners and tenants alike.

Leading Edge of Advanced Technology

ECE Elevator provides smart mobility solutions for all types of commercial buildings, from low rise, and midrise to high rise. The elevators are available in both Machine Room and Machine Room less platforms.

Our Primus range of passenger lifts is available from 5 Passenger (340Kg.) to 26 Passenger (1768 Kg.) capacity. The elevators are suitable for low and midrise buildings, up to the speed of 1,25 MPS.

Our Elita range of elevators caters to Midrise to high-rise buildings with speeds from 1.5 MPS to 2.5 MPS.

Our Passenger elevators are Reliable, efficient, and elegant in design, and are energy efficient with Gearless Permanent Motor Synchronous Motors (PMSM) & energy efficient drives. Energy-efficient components such as LED Lights and smart control systems help minimize energy consumption and reduce operational costs.

They are provided with AI & IoT-based smart controllers. The elevators have a Smart contactless calling feature and a GPS Panic Call feature. The elevators have smart advanced diagnostic capability for real-time monitoring and Group Elevator Management (GEM) technology. This connectivity ensures prompt response to maintenance needs and minimizes downtime. We also provide facility managers with much-needed centralized control and operational transparency.

All elevators are provided with safety features such as an Automatic Rescue Device for emergency rescue of passengers in case of power failure and an automatic reversal device for doors. The Fire-rated doors are standard in automatic door elevators. Commercial elevators come in a variety of designs and styles to complement the aesthetics that can be customized to match the interior design and branding of the building, creating a cohesive and visually pleasing environment for visitors and employees.


Thus, our commercial elevators become indispensable assets in modern commercial buildings. They optimize space, prioritize safety, enhance energy efficiency, enable connectivity, and contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of commercial properties.

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