Improved System Security - Peace Of Mind - Comfortable

ECE - Sword Escalator and Travelator

Perfect quality, extrodinary performance

ECE under collaboration with Hangzhou SWORD Elevator Co. Ltd, China brings to you high quality energy efficient escalator, travelator and moving walkways.

ECE not only considers the traditional elements of safety, energy saving, comfort, but also seeks to coordinate and interact with the building, and focus on completeness and convenience of functions.


Safe and Reliable
Meet the latest safety standards, safety switch spreads all over the key parts, real time monitoring the running condition.

Easy to Maintain
Use the fault self-diagnostic indication device; quickly find the cause and part of the faults, and reduce the downtime.

Strong Driving Force
The strong, reliable driving host can meet the short-time overload.

Excessive Environmental Adaptability
It' s suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz frequencies, and running under a variety of voltages.

Delicate Parts


Truss is welded of rectangular tube materials; with seal welded bed plate to ensure that water and oil stain will not leak from the bed plate. With hard stability and bearing capacity, it can effectively extend the life of escalators.

Ladder System

Adopting galvanized steel rail. high strength and good wear resistance polyurethane roller with a high strength plate chain, offering products the ability of resistance to corrosion and making life longer.

Shoe Brake

Shoe brake is placed between the motor and gear box, with the reliable and easily regulative characteristic, this guarantees a smooth braking performance and (security) braking distance.

Automatic Lubrication

Use computer-controlled automatic lubrication system, doesn't need full-time staff refuel, and ensures control with a moderate amount of fuel.