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Our products

Technology at the centre of all operations

The focal point of all technological development at ECE Elevators is the end user. Safety, Reliability & Aesthetics are the foundations on which our elevators are built.

Smart Elevator No Touch Technology

A QR based technology in which the QR code is scanned to get access to elevator buttons on the mobile phone, this technology allows a person to operate the elevator by calling the elevator and choosing the destination level without physically touching anything within the elevator.

Smart Controller

Our technology is intuitive to the needs of the customer. A user can now use cloud based monitoring of elevator performance. Reduce downtime, create a customised elevator management system to suit the needs of the customer.

Why choose ECE

We’re continually working to change the way people think about and engage with our products.

Weak Battery Alarm

ECE Elevators has standardised a weak battery alarm in all their elevators so the users may take timely action


Affordable because of the cost of production is at the manufacturing unit based in Ghaziabad

Group Elevator Monitoring

Real time data and communications to improve the user experience

Pan India Presence

22 offices spanning the length and breadth of India with a strong support network

Key Verticles

No matter what the requirement ECE Elevators caters to all segments and are designed with specific parameters needed by the industry. Old and restored buildings to the brand new technologically advanced structures. ECE Elevators covers the entire spectrum and provides thoughtfully designed and consumer friendly solutions. 

Our clients